' Changelog

2011-09-21 13:21:05
   Fixed PDF Export

2010-07-28 15:23:16
   Click on stars to see a chart giving breakdown of votes

2010-07-28 15:23:10
   Added ability to find games entered by user

2010-07-28 15:23:07
   User customizable favorites list. Or better yet, multiple lists per user

2010-07-28 15:22:58
   Instead of glyph text, change the buttons to similar to the go button. Do this for most (if not all) off the buttons on the list page

2010-07-28 15:22:54
   Clear all button on search box

2010-05-20 01:36:07
   Add a guestbook

2010-05-15 19:56:36
   Added a field for a link to a thread discussing game

2010-05-15 19:53:42
   Add search for games rated above x stars

2010-05-15 19:53:38
   Overall facelift and boob job.

2010-05-15 19:53:34
   On edits, older versions of data are kept. Need to create a view for those

2010-05-15 19:53:29
   Cleaned up the advanced search.

2010-05-15 10:45:50
   Add images to RTF export.

2010-05-13 23:48:23
   Fixed the bar in IE.

2010-05-13 23:48:11
   Can search for origin,

2010-05-04 10:31:36
   User list doesn't show last logged in date.

2010-05-04 10:31:34
   Add origin search to the advanced search. Have a list box of all origins? Or a text search?

2010-05-04 10:31:05
   Change the find all checkbox to a button / link.
Next line is

2010-05-01 02:20:28
   Added a lot password feature to email lost passwords

2010-04-30 01:29:15
   when a game is added, update user with number of games added

2010-04-30 01:29:05
   shrink the menu item spacing

2010-04-29 22:53:17
   Export to RTF as well as PDF to create editable documents

2010-04-23 14:06:14
   PDF prints the full thing no matter what the display settings are

2010-04-23 13:51:19
   Added a simple search

2010-04-23 13:50:54
   created changelog