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Origin Dor un Avathar    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-21 01:10:39       Modified 2010-05-03 02:05:06       Class Full Class      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      

Materials Lots and lots of bright ribbon or rope! Monster garb   

Setup  Lay out the maze on a large area of flat and debris-free ground. The pattern is unimportant, just so long as it is large, fairly well-marked and has plenty of dead-ends and/or extra openings. Below is an example, but by no means the absolute rule on how to design one:

Be creative, the only limits are imagination and the amount of ribbon you have available. Once the layout is done, place a few suitably powered Monsters in the maze.   

Rules All ribbons are Forcewalls and may not be crossed or fought through. Remember that it is likely that any teams will gang-up to destroy the Monsters first, before resolving the mutual conflict. Be certain your Monsters are up to the task of getting pounded upon as they will be at the center of every combat.   

Victory Variable. Just pick one, two or more of the Options below with a well-designed maze and you have an instant
afternoon's entertainment.   


Variations 1.Teams enter from opposite ends and must battle their way past the other team and the Monsters to touch the opposing base, score a point and reset.
2.Place a treasure in the center of the maze. Teams follow Option 1, but must return to their own base with the prize, instead of touching a base.
3.Place lots of little flags all over the maze. The team who collects the most flags and returns them to their base wins the round. Each player may only carry one flag at a time.
4.As Option 3, but each team may only carry one flag at a time.
5.Place a Neutral Monster in the center or remote hallway. Teams then compete against one another to get the Monster back to their own bases. Feel free to bestow the Neutral Trait on any Monsters desired for this battlegame, as all teams should have an equal chance at the new ally. The Monster must use its abilities to aid whatever team is currently controlling it, though it need not engage in melee.
6.Make the Maze an obstacle course. One player at a time makes their way through the maze and whatever mundane hazards or Monsters the Reeve puts in his way. Choose an object or goal (touch the base on the other side, carry a glass of water to the pail in the middle, collect the five colored balls and place them in order on the ground, etc.) and the winner is the player who completes the maze first wins.
7.As Option 6, but use small teams of two or three players at a time.
8. You might choose to not use ribbon at all, but rather a well-defined trail or woodland area. Instead of confining the Monsters to hallways, give them large areas in which to roam. Be certain Questors and Monsters are aware of the boundaries and legal walking areas. In this type of game, encounters can be set up in a series of independent scenes, or be allowed to overlap one another.   

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