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Origin Viktor (e-sam)    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-21 01:12:49       Modified 2010-04-21 01:12:49       Class Full Class      
Lives See rules       Count Normal count      

Materials Rope   


Rules Each team has a certain goal that must be done. The first team to achieve this goal, wins. No other team knows what the others goals are. People can also be given sub objectives, which when complete, they could get benefits of extra lives, or free enchantments to complete their original goal. Whenever you fail a sub objective, you lose a life. THIS IS THE ONLY way to lose a life in this game. Other then that, its "infinite' lives. Each player starts out with the lives usually allotted to them in a normal shatter battle. For instance, a warrior can fail more sub objectives, then say a wizard could. When a sub objective is failed, your ENTIRE team is docked 1 life.  Abilities such as berserk can be changed to 2/game, 2/ death (remember, deaths don't count toward life count, only failed objectives).
Possible Main Objectives

  • holding a position (tree, roped area)for 10-31 minutes / king of the hill
  • protect one of your members for 30 minutes
  • Kill all members of one team
  • Capture a position (such as one that another team is holding)
  • Capture and hold a certain number of flags on the field
(possible setup: Team A has to kill team C. Team B tries to hold the hill for 10 minutes. Team C needs to take the hill. And Team B Needs to kill team A. This way everyone has an objective, and yet no one group is overpowering (evil Randy)
Sub Objectives
  • killing someone of the other team
  • killing and severing another person
  • protect a member of another team for 20 minutes 




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