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Origin Matthulhu - esam    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-21 01:43:29       Modified 2010-05-05 10:53:01       Class Class or Militia      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      

Materials rope!   


Rules This isn't so much a special scenario per se, just something that sounds fun to try out once for something different. It may be just the way my home park's field is arranged that makes it interesting, though.

This will work best on a field with lots of trees (a dozen or more) where teams in class battles use trees for bases.

Players can destroy base trees (but not ordinary ones) with 10 hits from a slashing weapon or by a Siege or fire effect. A destroyed base tree should have a piece of rope or ribbon tied around it to indicate this and the team using it for a base must move on to another tree to use for a base. Destroyed base trees can be mended. They have Protect or have Barkskin or Stoneskin placed on it (treated as non-segmented armor) but may not be Hardened.

If at any point there's two trees still intact on the field, bases can't be destroyed anymore. (Unless you have an indestructible Nirvana as well.)

A team could be driven further and further back after multiple lost passes, but this may give them more time to regroup and dole out enchantments before the other side engages them again. Or they might move their base to a more open area so their opponents don't have as many trees to take cover behind, or they might move to a cluster of trees to use more cover themselves. Having to move your base after every defeat gives you a little more control over your tactical position; the enemy will control the field for the next pass but the losing side will have a little more say about where the lines will form up next.    




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