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Origin Matthulhu - esam    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-21 01:47:50       Modified 2010-05-05 10:52:56       Class Class or Militia      
Lives See rules       Count 10 second      

Materials A dogskull


Rules The Dogskull

The dogskull can be an actual jugging dogskull, a specially-marked javelin or dart, or some other small padded object. At the start of the game and after every point scored, the dogskull is returned to the center of the field and both teams will start the new pass at their respective bases.

The dogskull doesn't count as a weapon, but you can use it to block with. You can also parry and intercept the dogskull while it's in flight (but don't forget you can't move your feet once you catch it.) The dogskull is a game item.

Moving the Dogskull

The only way to move the dogskull around the field is by throwing it, perhaps to a teammate (or their general direction) or by throwing it out of reach of the enemy. You may throw the dogskull in any direction, or hand it off to someone else (requiring them to stand still while allowing you to move again), but you may not kick the dogskull or whack it with a weapon to move it across the field.

A player holding the dogskull is immune to any magic or class ability that allows or forces special movement of any sort (Awe/Fear, Charm, Flight, Honor Duel, Legend, Lost, Messenger, Pass Without Trace, Shove, Teleport, Wind, Yield, and so on). Effects that inhibit movement instead (such as Hold Person or Trap) function as normal.

If you're running while you catch it or pick it up, you should immediately stop moving and (if necessary) return to the spot where you caught it and stay there until you drop it, give it away, or lose it. If you're killed, entangled, frozen, petrified, put to sleep, stunned, or otherwise disabled, you have to drop the dogskull at your feet.

The same player may not acquire the dogskull twice in a row. That is, if you drop it or throw it, you cannot be the next person to retrieve it again. At least two people are needed to relay the dogskull across the field.

If the dogskull happens to end up in a place which no one can enter without being killed (such as in the middle of an Immolation circle), the reeves may call a hold to have the skull moved outside an area that's accessible to both teams.

Player Lives

After a player has lost their last natural life playing their standard class, they remain in the game as peasant with infinite lives from that time on (see rulebook page 21). Thus, there is a benefit to killing the enemy MVP as quickly as possible though it won't eliminate them permanently. Your highest priority should be to gain control of that dogskull and pass it around the field to your teammates.


Victory Score 7 points by relaying the dogskull to the enemy base.

To score a point you have to touch the enemy's base with the dogskull. Unlike in jugging, anyone can pick up the dogskull. The dogskull may not move while it is being held by a player (see Moving the Dogskull below). Throwing the dogskull and hitting the enemy base with it will not count, so you will have to have a teammate standing near enough to the enemy base to retrieve it and tag the base with the dogskull without having to move their feet.    



  • Instead of giving the player with the dogskull immunity to travel-based effects, the player is forced to drop the dogskull when they are affected by a travel-based class ability or magic. Example: A warrior with the dogskull is confronted by a wizard. The wizard casts Shove on the warrior, who must then drop the dogskull and retreat 20 feet from the wizard.

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