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Origin By Night They Dance    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-21 01:49:03       Modified 2010-04-21 01:49:03       Class Full Class      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      

Materials :  Air horn or whistle, colored ribbon to mark the "infected" players   


Rules  For whatever reason (plague, an evil spell, magical energy draining virus, etc.), the populace has been subjected to a malady which cannot be cured by conventional means (i.e.: Immunities and Cure Disease seem to offer no lasting  protection). Each Quest and its symptoms will be unique. As this scenario profoundly alters the abilities and strength of the players, Reeves and Questmasters should be extremely clear when describing the effects of the disease to the players. This scenario is generally broken down into three distinct phases of play lasting between 10 and 30 minutes each. To start and end each stage, an air horn, whistle or other clearly audible device is sounded and the populace regroups and resets for the next phase. Be sure everyone understands the effects of the malady and plays accordingly as it ravages the populace unabated.
Period Breakdown:
1.    Outbreak - At the start of the Quest, most players and Monsters are unaffected by the virus. The regular course of the Quest should proceed, indeed the players may not even realize the dire circumstances about to unfold. One or more Plaguers are secreted into the ranks of Questors and/or Monsters, however, and begin the slow process of infecting as many players as possible. Any symptoms at this stage should be minimal or superficial.
2.    Epidemic - The virus continues to spread through the players. Penalties can range from loss of one life to loss of class abilities. Rumors begin to spread regarding a possible cure. By the end of this stage, most of the players should be under the influence of the disease.
3.    Plague! - At the start of this phase, all players are considered to be diseased. The possibility of a cure becomes realized and (hopefully) made available to all. Of course, there may be players or teams who do not wish to make the cure publicly available. This leads to all manner of possibilities in role-play.




Variations Questmasters are encouraged to create a unique story to drive the plot of this game. Be creative and descriptive when explaining the story line and effects of the disease.


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