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Created on 2010-04-21 01:55:24       Modified 2010-04-21 01:55:24       Class Class or Militia      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      

Materials  3 ropes, a treasure (box, ball, fancy weapon)


Setup Mark out a building as shown. Put your treasure in the middle of the building. Mark a base some distance away.


Rules This is a timed game. One team defends the house, the other attacks. The defending team can move their treasure around the house, and if it's removed they can bring it back, but they can't take it out of the house. The attacking team is trying to get the treasure to their base. When they do this, they win. The defenders goal is to shatter out the opposition. When one team wins (most likely the attackers getting the treasure), the teams switch sides. The tower stands about the house, letting anyone in there shoot, cast magic, etc. The tower is high enough that the person can't be attack with melee weapons, only magic or projectiles.





  •  The treasure is heavy, so anyone carrying it must walk
  • A high level mage / archer who stays with the house despite team changes

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