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Created on 2010-04-21 02:02:27       Modified 2010-04-21 02:02:27       Class Class or Militia      
Lives standard per class       Count see rules      


Setup Mark two trees clearly with ribbon. One clearly designated Nirvana area should be marked off between them.    

Rules Have someone from your team reach the enemy tree, place both hands on it, and count loudly to 100. Each count is one second. The count must be heard at least to Nirvana. While counting, nothing else may be in hand. It is okay to prop up a shield, though. The counter may move about the tree as long as he or she does not let go. It is possible for each team to be counting at each other's bases simultaneously. Obviously team members not counting will try to kill people counting at their tree, and protect those counting at the enemy tree. Once this is done, score one for the team that did it. If it seemed balanced, do it again. If not, adjust, and do it again. Deaths are 50 count. Dead people go to Nirvana and count. Upon finishing 50, they come alive as soon as they depart Nirvana. No fighting (or loitering) in the immediate vicinity (20' or so) of Nirvana. There are unlimited lives. Teams begin at their own tree.   




  • A night variant in which glowing circles are used to mark Nirvana and the enemy base. In the night version the circle is placed on open ground, and the count must be made within it, instead of at a tree. This permits the counter to still wield weapons.
  • Another variant involves a "keeper" for each team. Keepers are prevented from crossing over past the midway point between the two bases. They only have a 25 count death, and return to life at or near their own tree. This tends to slow the game down more, with the emphasis on defense.


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