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Origin Dor un Avathar    Entered by Azus   
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Setup  Divide the populace into two equal teams plus one neutral Zombie (any Monster with Conversion or Replication will do).



It's really bright and sunny. The trees create shadows that define shapes on the ground. Each team starts out at the two shadows that are the farthest apart within the bounds of the game and can only fight inside the shadows. The Zombie must stay in the light and can only fight (and be killed) in the light. The light becomes like Ether, the Zombie Land.

In Zombie Land: You might have noticed that the shadows don't all connect. In fact, the sparser the field of trees, the better the game. Players may only run through the light. They can come and go as they please from the shade to the light, but they must run in the light. Any player that walks in the light becomes a zombie in 3 seconds. If a player is legged, scampering is considered "running." The players' objective is to kill off the other team, but they must also be aware of the Zombie (who should have something like unlimited lives) who attacks the players at will. The Zombie's goal is to make Zombies. The light is an Anti-Magic Zone.

Other Rules:
1.    Players may not attack each other in the light, they can only attack each other in the shade.
2.    Projectiles cannot be thrown/shot into the light. The shot is dead at the light.
3.    A player is considered in the shadow when any part of him or her in the shade.
4.    For the sake of reeving, sword swings and skirmishing half in the light and half out will be allowed to continue until one player is out of the shade or slain.
5.    It is up to the Reeve and players to police rules of the shade. As always, battlegaming done on the honor system.





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