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Origin Michael - FL    Entered by Michael   
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Created on 2010-04-21 13:42:57       Modified 2010-04-21 13:42:57       Class Full Class      
Lives cyles lives, per game remain per game       Count 10 second      


Two durable fightable flags which fit on one hand but dont leave too much extra space.  These should be somewhat rigid.  Small daggers, dog-skulls, or even empty bottles work well.  Tape to mark off the field.



This game uses a small rectangular field.  50X100 or so.  This field should be marked and the center line must also be marked.  A scoring circle should be marked in the diagonally opposite corners.



Play commences with each team starting out of bounds near their own scoring circle.  At layon the battle commences.  This is a full class game in a very small area.  Teams score by getting both flags into their own scoring zone at the same time.  The interesting feature of the game is that the flags convey power.  Flags may be carried in any empty hand and provide the person so carrying the flag with two points of invulnerability armor, as long as its his team's flag.  The catch is that the flag can never be intentionally carried out of its home half of the field by its owners.  Further if a flag is carried off its home half of the field by the opponents, and then recaptured, it provides no benefit to its owners until they get it back on its home half.  Neither flag ever provides a power up to the enemies of its owners. 

The further complication is that the person carrying the flag can can grant the power by touch to another player.  This benefit also only works as long as the two players and the flag are in their home half.  Thile the flag carrier does have to have a free hand, the person touched does not.  The flag has to remain in contact with the player for the protection to be granted though.  Also each player needs to remmber how much of his invulnerablily has been taken off at any time.  For example, Joe is playing an archer and he starts trying to pick off his enemies while Suzy, a healer holds the flag to his back.  He gets hit by a fire ball to the chest and a throwing dagger to the right arm.  Suzy runs off to heal a team mate and the enemies choose that time to rush.  Joe no longer has any protection from the flag and he loses his left leg but his team beats down the attack.  Suzy is dead and Joe rushes to get the flag.  One he picks it up, he has 2 points of invulnerability minus the points he lost on his torso and right arm.  Joe can not use his bow any more though because being the flag bearer requires a free hand.  Joe puts the flag in his left hand and take his sword in his right, planning to hold on for the rest of the 90 seconds.



First team to 3 poitns wins.  Or make them win by two.


Misc Since the Defensive has a pretty good sized advantage with the invulerability, it might be worrisome that this game will stagnate.  The quick counts have been enough to conteract this in my experience.  


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