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Created on 2010-01-24 15:16:00       Modified 2010-01-24 15:28:19       Class Militia      
Lives 1 life       Count No count      

Materials Rope and 1 throwing dagger per person   

Setup Mark out a good sized rectangle. The Goblins divide into two equal teams, one team on each side of the center line. Each
Goblin is then given one throwing weapon (only!) with which to play.   

Rules The teams throw their weapons back and forth across the centerline at members of the opposing team, in no particular order or
fashion. A Goblin is "out" when one of two things happen: a) the Goblin is wounded in any way by any weapon thrown through the
air or b) if a Goblin on the other team catches a weapon that has been thrown, the thrower is ejected. Goblins may catch weapons
without injury, so long as the catch is clean and the weapon does not hit the ground. Sides refresh after all the Goblins on one side are

Victory One team has 1+live goblins!



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