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Created on 2010-05-19 12:12:44       Modified 2010-05-19 12:12:44       Class Full Class      
Lives standard per class       Count 10 second      
Reeves At least one  

Materials Sword with a 5 ft strip of engineering tape attached to it.  Engineering tape to mark path way points.  



The Torch Game


The teams for this game will consist of a player team and a monster team.  The player team will be 5-7 full class Amtgarders.  They will have a sword with a five foot strip of engineering tape attached to it, representing the torch.  The field will be marked off with a number of points creating a path.  The field represents a dark forest, full of boojams, and in the dark hides the horrible grue.  The player team needs to walk the path from one point to the next to the next, in order while being assaulted by the boojams from the dark forest.  The key mechanic is the torch.  One of the players needs to hold the torch at all times.  If the torch holder dies and the torch is on the ground for more then 10 seconds it goes out and the horrible grue eats all the players.  The light from the torch only extends five feet from the torch.  If a player moves further away from the torch than that, the horrible grue eats him or her.  If at any time the reeve thinks one or more player might be more than five feet from the torch, he can call a hold and stretch the engineering tape strip on the torch out to check.  Any player outside the strip is eaten by the horrible grue.  Being eaten by the horrible grue kills the player, even though invulnerability.


Everyone not on the player team will be a boojam.  Boojams can use all melee and throwing weapons.  They do not use any magic or bows.  Boojams generally don't have any armor but any player who is at least 2nd level in the monster class playing a boojam will have 1 point of natural armor.  The Boojams will have a point marked in the center of the field as their spawn point, and will return to life instantly at their spawn point.  Boojams see in the dark and are not considered tasty by the horrible grue.  They don't mind coming into the torch light but neither do they mind staying out of it.   The Boojams are trying to kill off the player team before they can walk the whole path.  The player team will have standard lives.  All death counts will be 60 seconds and dead players may come alive within the torch light.  If the boojams kill all of the players at once or the torch sits on the ground for more than 10 seconds, the whole player team will come back to life with the torch at the start of the path.  Obviously ammunition (and spell balls) will be in short supply for the player team and the reeve(s) are encouraged to toss back spend ammo.  However, the player team does not have the right to call holds or demand that boojam players return spent ammo.


The dynamics of the game are to move slowly enough not to leave any players out of the torch light but fast enough not to be surrounded by boojams.  Keep moving, resurrect your dead quickly and don't stop.




Victory Players win by reaching the end.  Boojams win by killing the players.  



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