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Origin Jabberwock    Entered by Michael   
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Created on 2010-05-19 14:13:38       Modified 2010-05-19 14:13:38       Class Class or Militia      
Lives 1 life       Count 10 second      
Reeves 1-3  

Materials Equipment: Aside from normal weapons and shields, and whatever equipment is needed to mark the field, three balls are needed of approximately soccerball size.   

Setup Field:  The field for MegaOrkball will be a rectangle 20' wide x 60' long.    


"Oi ere that der oomans of deh IM are training der young warriors by kickin a ball cross a line."

"We wants our brats trained good too.  Wut is der ball you talk about."

"You keels a porker and blows it up, dats wut a ball is."

"Wen you keels a porker he blows up anyway soon enuf."

"Tru dat.  Also der ball ort to have some spiky bits.  Spiky bits make everyting gooder."

"wut if my littul scrag kiks der spiky bits?"

"Yor littul scrag is dat dum, too."

"You callin my littul scrag dum?  I keel you right now blat-nose."

"Nar.  We is talkin about trainin our brats.  We is keelin each udder latr"

"You tell how trainin lets you call me orkling dum."

"Ifen deh littul scrags kicks the spiky bits, dey den to dum to need trainin.  Dey den stoopid ork wut dies in battle."

"Dat's my boyz!  So you is sayin that this trainin ball is like battle?"


"Den I is tinkin that spikes is not enuf.  We ort to put peyson on deh spikes too."

"good ideer.  So's deh littul brats needs to get dey dead porker with spikes and peyson across deh line or die in battle?"

"Dis trainin be better with more balls and more scrags"

"tru dat.  Also dey nippahs ort to have sum blades so dey can stop deh udder team."


-         Converstaion between Blarg and Nibek of the Red Dog Orcs before the invention of MegaOrkball and the subsequent destruction of the tribe.


Object: To score points by knocking a ball across the opposing team's back line. 


Teams and Weapons:  Teams should be balanced for number of players.  Only one weapon of longer than 48" is allowed per team.


Setup:  To start the game, both teams start out behind their back line.  A reeve will call "lay-on" and toss the ball into the center of the field.



  • If the ball touches a player, even on a hand holding a weapon, the player dies.
  • Dead players leave the field by the shortest route and then go to the grog barrel for their team, which is about 15 feet behind the end line.  After touching the grog barrel for 10 seconds the player may immediately rejoin play by entering the field of play from his or her own goal line.  He or she must call "Alive" when they come alive.
  • Stepping out of bounds kills the player.
  • When a goal is made play does not stop but continues with the remaining balls.
  • A score is not counted if the ball is higher than the reach of the tallest player on the defending team when it passes the back line.
  • A player who dies causing a goal (like punting the ball with a foot) does not score.  Dying to other causes (like being hit with a sword) while causing a goal does not negate the score.
  • A ball that touches the inside of a shield kills the player holding the shield.
  • When a ball goes out of bounds or a score is made, it should be put back in play by a reeve.  No limitations are placed on how reeves should do this.  Prejudice is allowed and encouraged.


Penalties:  Anyone who is called for missing a valid shot against them, or for any infraction of the rules, is immediately killed by the reeves, and may be asked not to play anymore.


Victory Winning: First team to get 15 points wins.  



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