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Materials rope!   

Setup Mark out a good sized rectangle. You can use any number of people; just split them evenly. This battle is best held in an open
field (i.e.: no trees or other obstacles). Mark out a rectangular field as large as you have room for, or as appropriate for the number of
players participating.   


As in many informal football games, it is recommended that the defense waits 3-5 seconds before charging the line, and that the number of rushers be limited.

Mark the boundaries as clearly as possible, including the outer edges of the end zones. Once a person steps out of bounds, they cannot re-enter that play. (There is no such thing as being "forced out", since you have a weapon to take care of anyone who approaches, and there is no physical bumping...)

All participants are members of two goblin clans, which are at war over a most treasured object. (A tub of candy or something similar works well, and the team is welcome to do as it pleases with this treasure after the game.) To avoid injury to innocent family members and needless property damage to the villages, the leaders of the goblin tribes have agreed to settle their disputes on the football field.

Armbands, headbands, or war paint will mark membership in the clans (teams). For a football: if you have a foam or stuffed football that would work great. Otherwise, make an elongated spellball, or use a normal spellball or throwing dagger or anything that can be thrown and caught easily and safely.

To score a point, a team member must have possession of the football beyond the opponent's goal line, without having stepped out of the marked boundaries. A "safety" is counted the same number of points (i.e.: one) as a touchdown. There are no ways to score by kicking.

More or less regular football rules apply (including things like "offside" and 'pass interference"), except that instead of tackling or blocking each other, each player has a single, one-handed, less than 4 foot weapon (hinged or non-hinged), with no armor, shields, magic, or projectiles. Any wound kills. Dead players are asked to signal their death clearly and quickly, and to do their best to avoid interfering with those who are still alive. Deaths last until the beginning of the next down. (See below.)

After gaining possession of the football, a team has four plays to score. (If the field is large enough, there may be a certain distance they need to go to gain a "first down"). On the fourth down, they may choose to forfeit the ball by throwing or kicking it to the other team (this must be announced in advance). (Initial or post-scoring kickoffs are also conducted this way: the ball can be kicked or thrown.)

Both leaders have huge numbers of goblins at their call. As players die, they are "replaced" on the next play by another family member who looks a lot like them. (In other words, the same Amtgardian, who is now representing a relative of the goblin who just died.) All participants have one life per play, for as long as the game lasts.

The game may continue as long as the reeve or the two captains are willing to let it, but a general guideline of one hour is recommended. At the reeve or captains' discretion, teams may change ends of the field halfway through. (Half-time shows are optional.)





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