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Created on 2010-06-28 00:21:40       Modified 2010-07-31 22:21:52       Class Class or Militia      
Lives 8 lives       Count Normal count      

Materials There will be a special sword constructed with a four sided die stashed in the pommel..   

Setup The sword will initially be placed in a location remote to all players   


Every player for themselves, limited alliances. The sword will initially be placed in a location remote to all players. First player who finds it wields it. The wielder of the sword can only be killed or wounded in melee combat, death magic, or sphere of annihilation.

Each time the sword strikes a killing blow, the four sided die will be rolled. The number rolled determines how many lives a player looses when killed. After the sword is used to kill once, the wielder must drop it and retreat 20 feet away from it for 50 count OR, if a 1 was rolled, the sword will vanish and re-appear in the possession of a random player, determined by drawing lots.

Players with 0 or -1 lives are shattered. Players who are killed at more than -1 lives can be raised from the dead as brainless undead slaves of the next wielder of the sword (wielder must lay the sword on the body and announce "The Soul Stealers quickens thy life under my power!")

Players with less than -1 lives will let it be known they can be raised by intermittently announcing "My soul burns in Hell!"

Undead players have one life. If the sword wielder is killed and undead players are still alive, they remain alive and under control of the next sword wielder.

No alliances are permitted except when undead players are employed, at which point, players may join together against the unholy dead!




play tested it. Here are a few ways to speed things up, we found.

The sword will be constructed with a loose crosspiece with an arrow marked on it. The pommel will be sectioned into marked quarters with a numerical value of 1-4. Spin the cross piece and roll a random number-- no more dice to keep track of. Also first shattered player will follow the sword wielder in order to get lots drawn faster.


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