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Origin Zombiac - e-sam    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-06-28 00:31:47       Modified 2010-07-20 22:00:27       Class Melee classes      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      



Assemble a team of your best fighters. These are your apes. Apes are limited to single swords and get no armor.

Assemble a team of noobs and/or players who are not devastating fighters. These are your mutants. Mutants have all weapons and armor available to the class they are playing


Rules Mutants have an illusionary wall protecting them. They have a doomsday device. Their goal is to blow up the planet.

Illusionary wall:
Mutants must stand within 20 feet of the wall and describe frightful illusions. Apes can not cross this border unless they stand next to it and announce "disbelieving" six times. During that time, mutants may attack them.

Doomsday device:
This will be represented as a shield. To activate the doomsday device one mutant must maintain physical contact with the device and commence a 300 count. If the contact is broken, the device resets and another mutant or the same mutant must establish contact and start over from 1.



Their goal is to shatter the mutants.

Their goal is to blow up the planet.




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