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Created on 2010-07-27 23:56:09       Modified 2010-07-27 23:56:09       Class Full Class      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      

Materials six talismans, and extra berzerk band, animal costumes  


Rules 1. teams. Two evenly matched teams which will include three talisman bearers, and one player who has the gift of talking to animals. This player has two extra lives. This player can be any class, but will default first to any druid, second to any scout, and third to any barbarian.
2. animals. armed with two natural weapons, daggers or short swords. Animals may include foxes, squirels, rabbits, chipmonks, woodchucks, otters, racoons, etc., Unless the animal has rabies, these weapons are used for defense only. Players playing animals may take one monster credit, not to exceed normal monster credit limits.
3. Talismans, six in all, three per team. No player may carry more than one talisman unless there are insufficient surviving team members.
the game
1. goals: the team to collect all six talismans wins.
2. bodies can be looted, but only if there is no animal within 20 feet of the body. Any animal within 20 feet will announce "scurrying" then "looting" then " scurrying" again to steal the talisman. There will be no time to loot the body if these conditions are in play.
3. All animals can hide or scurry at any time, except when under attack. (see "animal theft" below). Scouts may use tracking to attack or otherwise interact with hidden or scurrying animals.
4. Special maneuver-- animal theft. Animals have no interest in the talismans unless the player is dead and they loot the body. However, any animal may be talked into stealing a talisman by anyone who can talk to animals. When stealing, the animal simply approaches the designated target and announces "theft." The target of this attack has one chance to kill the animal. If the animal successfully fends off this attack, the player must give the animal the talisman and allow the animal to scurry off.
5. Anyone with the gift of talking to animals may try to get the animal to surrender a talisman.
6. All animals have infinate lives, except the rabid one.
7. One animal, decided among the players who choose to play animals, has rabies and gets four lives. It will appear no different from any other animal, but may attack any player at any time. Any successful hit, in any location gives the target rabies. Players with rabies will die in 300 count if a cure disease is not administered. In addition, a player with rabies will go berzerk in the last 50 seconds of their count, put on a berzerk band, and attack the nearest player, as per confusion. The rabid animal should carry a few berzerk bands to give to players it attacks.
8. If the "doolittles" of both teams are shattered and no team has six talismans, the animals will drop all talismans, scurry off, and no longer show the talismans any interest.

Victory collect all six talismans  

Misc This is a good game for younger players and noobs, they will do well as animals.  


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