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Created on 2010-01-24 15:36:05       Modified 2010-03-26 02:25:28       Class Militia      
Lives cyle lives, cycle per game each life cycle       Count 10 second      
Reeves optional for larger games  

Materials Rope, 1 dagger per person, something for goals (spare shields work, roped off area), and a "ball". The ball can be a large throwing weapon, a flag, a sword, a water bottle, whatever is handy.

Setup Mark off a rectangle, with a line halfway across. Set up goals at either end (shields, or a roped off area shield sized. Set the ball in the center of the midline.   


Everyone is goblin, armed with a single dagger only.

There are two teams, starting spread out on either side of the mid-line. In the center is the ball. At lay on, each team tries to get the ball past the other team into the goal. The ball needs to be in the goal, as opposed to touching it, to score a point.

If a goblin is killed, s/he will count out 10 seconds, at which point the player will come alive again at the spot they died.  Going out of bounds counts as a death.


Victory Best out of 3! Or higher, if there's a goblin smart enough to count that high.   



  • The ball is heavy, and can be carried at a walk
  • The ball is two handed, and the goblin must drop their weapon to carry it.
  • The ball is a weapon (sword, throwing dagger), and can be used to fight with.

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