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Created on 2010-07-28 00:14:48       Modified 2010-07-28 00:14:48       Class Full Class      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      

Materials a gem, a stone, a marble, or some other shiny, easily concealed object.  

Setup Before the game, the gem is hidden by the monster  

Rules Ideally played in a park where there is a ditch or low area that can be designated the valley.
1. teams-- everyone for themselves, alliances permitted.
2. Monster-- I played this using my "oaf" monster. Monster will be somewhat dumb, and not particularly interested in killing anybody.
3. Special conditions-- pestilence, eminence of violence
4. Special items-- Jewel of the Valley
The game:
1. The monster will hide the jewel in the valley. The monster, for all game purposes, will have no knowledge of where the jewel is hidden.
2. Pestilence-- there is a pestilence in the land and each village or tribe has sent out their best hope of stopping it. On calling alive, all players begin a 300 count. During this time, insects, leaches, arachnids, snakes, and carrion birds will be continually attacking all players. At the count of 300, each player will die of pestilence. Pestilence is suspended on entering the Valley of death. a healing spell or any healing ability will reset the pestilence count, otherwise count is resumed after leaving the valley.
3. Monster may hide. Monster is considered hidden if they do not interact with the players. They may move from one location to the next, if they appear to be "sneaking" around. When the monster interacts with the players, it is no longer hidden, but may return to hidden status by announcing "hiding" and leaving the place of the encounter. The monster may not leave the valley.
4. eminence of violence-- on entering the valley all players become quarrelsome and irritated. They begin a fifty count. The count may be suspended during interaction with the monster or to cast spells. At the end of the fifty count, all players must exit the valley and attack the nearest person they see until one or the other is dead. At thirty count, the monster may choose to reveal himself and can command any player at thirty or greater to attack another player. All players must say "thirty" and "fifty" loudly when counting off emminence of violence. 
5. All counts are suspended during combat.
6. Nirvana where you die.
7. Any player finding the jewel will have the power to see the monster, and will be inexplicably compelled to destroy the monster. The jewel may be looted from a dead player. The jewel can not leave the valley until the monster is shattered.
8. If the monster is shattered and the jewel is taken from the valley, the player in possession of the jewel may recite, "By the jewel of the valley, I banish this pestilence!" upon which, the pestilence is ended.


Victory The player who banishes the pestilence wins. They will be celebrated as a hero who vanquished the terrible scourge.
If the monster survives after all players are shattered, the monster is the winner and the pestilence continues, happy ever after in the valley of death.   


Variations Troll, ogre, orc, or other monster.  

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