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Origin Zombiac    Entered by Zombiac   
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Created on 2010-07-29 02:33:58       Modified 2010-07-29 02:51:32       Class melee - non class      
Lives 1 life       Count No count      
Reeves 1  

Materials variety of melee weapons to include daggers, two sets of lots, one with the names of players, the other with weapons.  one third of the weapon lots will be extra lots marked "slaughter/salvation."   


Lots with each player's name written on them, lots with each available melee weapon written on them.  Reeve will first draw a lot for the maniac, then for a single melee weapon which the maniac wields.  Then a lot is drawn for the vanquisher and a single melee weapon which the vanquisher wields.  The Reeve then approaches each non combatant player and quietly designates one player as the traitor, one player as the trapper, and all others as "pass."  This is done so that neither armed player knows who is the traitor and who is the trapper. 



1. Only two players will be armed, the maniac and the vanquisher.  The maniac wants to slaughter everyone, the vanquisher wants to save everyone.  Unarmed players may walk but not run, milling about innocently.  Maniac and vanquisher start on opposite sides of the field, with non-combatants between them 

2.  Maniac and Vanquisher are chosen by lots, two other positions are selected by the reeve.  The maniac's goal is to kill as many unarmed people as possible.  The vanquisher's goal is to stop the maniac and resurrect dead players.  The maniac is an evil, possessed soul.  The vanquisher is a holy noble warrior.  Were these classes not reserved for knights, one might call them anti-paladin and paladin. 

3. The maniac has wounds kill, and the vanquisher has unlimited resurrection by touch.  If the maniac draws a weapon lot that says "slaughter/salvation," the maniac will wield a dagger and shall have two points of protect.  If the vanquisher draws a weapon lot that says "slaughter/salvation," the vanquisher shall wield a long sword and may also carry a shield.  

4. Secretly there is a traitor and a trapper.  The trapper has the power to destroy the maniac and the traitor has the power to destroy the vanquisher.  Although the traitor helps the maniac, the maniac is still only interested in killing as many people as possible.  the maniac and the vanquisher are mortal enemies, and will fight at to the death at any given opportunity.

5. The traitor has touch of death, but may not use it aggressively by attacking the vanquisher.  They may discharge it immediately after being resurrected, announcing "touch of death." 

6. The trapper may discharge a trap if standing within range of the maniac by pointing at the maniac's feet and announcing the name of the trap (be imaginative-- "quicksand!" or "spiked pit!" or something of that nature is encouraged).

7. The game is played in rounds, until everyone agrees to quit playing. Each round ends on the death of either the maniac or the vanquisher.  All players have one life per round.

8. The winner of each round becomes the reeve for the following round.


Victory On the death of the maniac or the vanquisher, a count is taken of the dead and living non-combatants.  If the dead outnumber the living, the maniac wins.  If the living outnumber the dead, then the vanquisher wins.  If a tie results, the game is immediately reset.   

Misc For fun, come up with good and evil garb for each of the armed positions.  Suggestions include-- white tunic and holy symbol on the shield of the vanquisher, black tunic and scary helmet for maniac.   

Variations mark one weapon lot "flourentine."  This further randomizes the game by randomly unbalancing it.  

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