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Origin Zombiac    Entered by Zombiac   
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Created on 2010-07-31 13:33:18       Modified 2010-07-31 14:17:01       Class Full Class      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      
Reeves 1  


Setup small buckets, several objects, padlock, key, ropes, 4 flags, lots, a staff.   


There is a cosmic gate from which an evil creature has come.  A brave party of  adventurers must enter a dark dungeon full of goblins in order to close the rift in the void and destroy the creature.

1. A tree or other designated area represents the rift in the void.  A picnic table or other object will represent the village, in which is an assortment of lots.  Four flags will represent the corners of a dungeon, at least 100 X 100 feet in size.  Within the dungeon are several rooms, several goblins, and a rope circle, representing a pool of lava.  In the center of the lava pool, a staff will be placed.

2. All monsters have infinate lives until the void is closed.  All goblins must be killed or subdued in order to enter any room, not to exceed one room per cycle of goblin lives.  Once a room has been entered, it may be re-entered at any time.

3. At the entrance to the dungeon are two sticks.  One is a torch, the other is a flare.  Only the reeve knows the difference.  If the flare is lit, the player lighting it is blind for one life.  They must roleplay being blind and can not use line of sight spells or ranged weapons and may only use melee weapons within 5' of their target.  The torch must be lit in order to see any creature further than 20 feet away while within the dungeon.  

4. Underneath each bucket is a trap or a treasure.  Each bucket must be lifted up in order to discover what is underneath.  Prior to the game, the reeve will describe each object beneath the bucket and explain its use or effect.  One or more buckets can not be overturned without a key.  The key can be carried by one of the goblins, who must be slain and his body looted, or underneath another bucket.

Some suggested traps and some treasures (treasures that are designated with the letter "b" are not considered enchantments and may be used by barbarians):

a-gauntlets of strength (b): anyone putting on these gauntlets gains the monster ability "very strong."

b-poison gas cloud, when the bucket is lifted everyone within 20' is poisoned and will be dead in 150 count unless a cure poison or antidote is administered.

c- Ring of holiness: wearer has two points of protect and the monster ability "holy sword."

d-mask of possession (b): player who lifts the bucket must wear the mask.  They will then attack their companions until killed.

e-scroll: one word and one spell shall be written on the scroll.  On pronunciation, the spell shall be discharged, and the scroll will vanish.

f-wand of cold (b): this item must be included in this game (see below). This item will discharge an iceball that will automatically strike one target, pointed at within 50'.  Once discharged, the player using it must count to fifty before they can use it again.

5. The "creature" is a voidstalker.  The creature has a death count of 100 until the void is closed.  It can be attacked at any time, but may not attack any player unless specified by lot or in defense.  Each lot will have the name of a player on it.  The voidstalker must go to the rift between kills and may not draw more than one lot per 100 count.  Each lot will include the name of a player or the position of a townsman (mayor, doctor, cook, watchman, whore etc.,).  The lots with the positions of townmen must equal the number of players.  If the position of a townsman is drawn, the voidstalker will have instantly found and killed them.  The voidstalker will loudly proclaim the position of each townsman it destroys.

6. The pool of lava must be transversed in order to retrieve the staff.  This can be accomplished by pro-flame or if an iceball, or a blast from the wand of cold is used.   Once the staff is touched, the reeve will ask the player touching it a riddle.  If the player can not answer the riddle, they must drop the staff and exit the lava pool, after which, the lava will again be active.

7. In order to close the rift, a player must touch it with the staff and proclaim: "By the power of this staff I close this rift in the cosmos!"


Victory Close the rift and destroy the voidstalker.   



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