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A quick battlegame that can be played with as few as five players.

You need a path and three forested areas.  We had a path that went of in a loop with exactly three well defined forest areas.



A monk has been sent into the wilderness to survey a forest so that his church can set up a mission and small town.  There are three forests, one belonging to a barbarian, one belonging to a druid, and the last belonging to a scout.

The forest dwellers have heard that civilization is coming and are not going to take it.

1. The scout, the Barbarian, and the Druid have only one life.  The Barbarian may be berzerk.  Each woodland class must stay in their own forest.  They will not tread on the road.  All three may cross the road or venture from their forest to recover arrows, projectiles and spell balls.  The barbarian may also leave his forest if they are dead and have fight after death.

2. There is a gypsy in the forest who will either be the alternate class gypsy, or an NPC.  In either case The monk may not pass the gypsy without permission, and the gypsy may relocate anywhere along the road and hinder the monk's progress.  The gypsy may fight the monk, or require the monk to recover something from the forest for her.  The gypsy also has unlimited resurrection by touch and may choose to resurrect any of the players with one life only or the monk.

3. 1-4 extra players may play mercenaries as archers, assassins, barbarians, scouts, or warriors  hired by either the woodland classes or the monk.   

4. Any more extra players will be barbarians, druids, monks, or scouts and will align themselves appropriately all have only one life, except the monks.



The Monk must complete the entire pathway without being shattered to win.

The other classes must shatter the monk.




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