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Origin Zombiac    Entered by Zombiac   
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Created on 2010-08-03 17:40:10       Modified 2010-08-08 15:09:04       Class see rules      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      
Reeves 1  


spears, clubs, blowguns (see rules)

magical herbs which can be mushrooms, herbs, biscuits made with green food coloring

two cauldrons.


Setup Reeve will hide  magical herbs somewhere on the field, in insect resistant containers.   


All players play barbarians.  No armor, no shields, spears, clubs, and blowguns only.  

Effect: Does not do damage to persons or armor. Can be deflected without penalty by shields and weapons. If the "dart" hits any unarmored part of a player, they will be poisoned.


After lengthy discussion, it was decided that no amount of modification could make this weapon safe, as it would be introducing the face as a target, intentional or not, for other weapons.  It is therefore decided that a small throwing weapon will be used as the blowgun dart, a small stick resembling a blowgun may be carried, but may not be placed near the face at any time, and the player shall make a puffy face and "blow" while throwing the "dart."  The player may hold the "blowgun" two feet from their face while blowing, if this is deemed safe.

The purpose for carrying a "blowgun" will be to make sure you don't carry another weapon, and for decorative purposes.

1. There will be two cauldrons in each camp.  

2. The reeve will award 2 persons on each team the position of "shaman" based on how good their garb or war paint is.

3. If any player is killed their body may be dragged to the cauldron of their camp.  A shaman may repeat: "cooking" 20 times.  Then declares: "cannibal feast."  If these conditions can be met without interruption by the opposing side, each person who stands around the cauldron in a circle gets an extra life.  Anyone thus consumed is now shattered.

4. If a shaman finds a magical herb, or if any player finds one and brings it to the shaman, they may eat it.  Once eaten, the Reeve will give the Shaman one druid spell of the Reeve's choice, which may be discharged in one life. 


Victory Shatter battle   


Variations Dinosaur: 1 player may be a neutral dinosaur, if they wear the appropriate garb.  This monster is adapted by the rules for "Wyvern," except there is no flight.  The dinosaur is free to roam, but will only attack players within thirty feet, and may not stalk any particular player.  Anyone eaten by a dinosaur is shattered.   

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