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Origin Zombiac    Entered by Zombiac   
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Created on 2010-08-05 03:13:04       Modified 2010-08-05 03:13:04       Class Full Class      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      
Reeves 1, posted by the effigy.  

Materials Some sort of effigy to represent the devil  



The Devil has designs on possessing a fabled sword that will allow him to enter this world and overthrow the forces of good for all time.

1. In a remote location, such as high on a cliff, place an effigy, who will be the devil.  This location will be the base for the "evil" team. The evil team shall consist of a mynoch, summoned by the devil to retrieve his sword, and one or more skeletons.

The purpose to which the Mynoch has been summoned is to retrieve the sword and place it upon the effigy.

The Mynoch is a special monster class, which reads as follows:

The Mynoch is a creature conjured by powerful magic to accomplish a single goal. They are relentless and embued with magical powers. The magic used to conjure them is part of an arcane body of study that is dark and corrupt. They are therefore always evil in intent.
Type: animation
Garb: panty hose on the head like a bank robber or Ed McMahon in "Daughter of Horror," white robe or all white garb.
Q/M ratio (not fixed at present time, needs more test playing)
Armor: none
weapons: reach or longsword.
shields: no
Immunities: subdual, control, death, poison, disease
Natural lives: infinate (see below)
inante abilities/traits: mimic (as the bard spell), changeling once per life
volnerabilities: dispell magic, anti-magic field (see "animation," DUA) dies on completion of goal, or if thwarted while attempting to complete goal.
2- gains mirror image once per life, one mirror
3- mirror image is now two mirrors
4- gains blend, unlimited, when in shadows. mirror image is now three mirrors
5- mirror image is now four mirrors, and is now unlimited.
6- changeling now unlimited. mirror image is now five mirrors.
1. The Mynoch has infinate lives but only one purpose, designed in the battlegame. Once that purpose is fulfilled or if they are thwarted in any way while attempting to execute that purpose, they cease to exist. 
The goal can be to retrieve a game item, assassinate a key player, or anything else the game calls for.
2. changeling. Mynoch states "changeling" while touching a player or hitting them with their weapon. Mynoch will whisper to that player, "I am thee" or "I am me."
In the brief instance it takes the mynoch to do this, neither they nor their victim may be attacked or interacted with.
The effected player must now do everything the Mynoch does, say everything the Mynoch says, and go everywhere the Mynoch goes. The Mynoch and their victim may not use other abilities while this is in effect, nor engage in any combat or magic. "changeling" must be ended before the Mynoch can achieve their goal.
The effect of changeling depends on whether the Mynoch has said "I am thee" or "I am me" to the victim. Only the Mynoch and their victim know which condition is in effect. If the Mynoch has said "I am me" there is no effect, attacks on the victim harm the victim. Attacks on the Mynoch harm the Mynoch.
But if the Mynoch has said "I am thee" attacks on the Mynoch effect the victim, and attacks on the victim will harm the Mynoch. 
In either case both the Mynoch and their victim will behave as though they are the one being attacked, although death effectively ends the spell.
This simulates no one being able to tell the Mynoch and its victim apart.
The Mynoch's natural immunities extend to the victim, but not its volnuerabilities.
This is considered control magic.
This can not be used on monsters, and can not be used on Paladins, or anti-paladins unless the player who is playing a Mynoch is also a knight.
3. Mirror image. The Mynoch will carry a note pad and a pen. They may write a number on this pad prior to game play and between lives. If use of mirror image is unlimited, they must write down a new number without being attacked, perhaps doing so while blended. The number will be any number between 1 and "x". x= monster level. This represents the Mynoch and how many mirror images they are allowed to project. 
Mynoch must remain still and repeat "mirror image" a number of times equal to the number of mirrors. 
Mirror image is in effect as long as the Mynoch does not move its feet or attempt to use any class abilities. The Mynoch may fight as long as they do not move their feet. Any time any spell is cast against a Mynoch, or any spell ball hits it, or anyone otherwise attacks a Mynoch, even with a spell they are otherwise immune to or which is not harmful in nature (such as truth), the player who has interacted must guess a number between one and the Mynoch's level. If the number is not the one written down the attack has no effect and one mirror image will vanish. If the number is correct, it will dispell all mirrors and effect the Mynoch normally.
The number will be written when the game starts and between lives for verification purposes. Otherwise an unscroupilous monster could slough the numbers.

2. Place a sword at the far side of the field.  This is the devil's sword.  It shall be considered out of play until the Mynoch is able to place their hands on it.

3. The skeletons can not be killed or harmed directly.  In order to defeat them the "good" team must strike the effigy.  The Reeve will then perform a coin toss.  The player who strikes the effigy calls heads or tails.  If they call the coin toss correctly, they may then select a skeleton to destroy.  If they fail, they must return to their base before attempting to strike the effigy again.




Good team:  the good team wins by stopping the Mynoch before it can place the sword in the effigy's hands.

Evil team: the evil team wins if they can retrieve the devil's sword and place it in the hands of the effigy.




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