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Origin Zombiac    Entered by Zombiac   
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Created on 2010-08-06 09:53:53       Modified 2010-08-08 21:54:40       Class Class or Militia      
Lives 3 lives       Count Half Count      
Reeves 1  

Materials Timer, clock, or stopwatch. Each player brings their own rope to mark their place of business, various lots: 1 rumor lot, 2 wild rumor lots. 1 job lot.  Coins or play money.   


Reeve names the town and the monetary units, writes rumor lots, wild rumor lots, and job lots. 1 or 2 people are declared watchmen and given $5 ($ can be dollars, rupees, dinars, etc.,).  These players are selected for having the highest points of armor in the game.  Each player writes down the name of another on a ballot.  The player with the most votes is mayor and collects $1 a day from every other player.  Job lots are then drawn with a job and starting money for each player, from $5-$20.Mayor collects $1 from each player, every day.

Barkeep gets the rumor lot, and two other people get wild rumor lots-- beggar, for example, or barber.



1. Game is timed.  Entire game is 1 hour.  Every ten minutes the Reeve will cry out loudly: "Day" or "Night."

2. Each player has three lives.

3. No player may attack another without a reason.  Any player attacking the mayor or watchmen loose a life, all their money, or are imprisoned (you may erect a jail), decided by the Reeve.

4. Daytime:  No class ability or magic is permitted.  Anyone attempting to rob or kill anyone else may be caught and imprisoned. Most businesses are open.  Duels are permitted, bodies may not be looted. 

Night time: Class abilities and magic are permitted.  People may now rob or kill without being caught by watchmen.  Most businesses are closed.  Anyone committing a crime may or may not be caught, decided by the reeve.

5. Trade is encouraged during the day.  Drinking and roaming the street are encouraged at night.

6. Drinks are $1 at the bar.  Each time you buy a drink you will draw a rumor lot about another player or yourself.  You may act on the rumor.  Each time wild rumor businesses are interacted with you will draw a wild rumor lot about another player or yourself.  These are less believable rumors so it is encouraged not to act on them, but you may choose to do so.  The consequences of acting on rumors or wild rumors differ, according to the reeve, as to whether this is a rumor lot or a wild rumor lot.

6a. example of a rumor-- "Zombiac is having an affair with Sttar" would be cause for her husband, Harkilar to want to kill either of them.

6b. example of a wild rumor-- "Fangoor is stealing babies and sacrificing them to his god" would be a rumor you would have to really stretch your imagination to justify acting on, unless you were Fangoor and you were pissed off that anyone would say something like that about you.

7. Duels are legal and have no consequences.  Murder and other acts must be explained to the Reeve.  The Reeve then will determine whether or not the player gets caught.



Points will be added at the end of the game.  1 point per life, 1 point per $5 possessed. In the case of a tie, the winner is determined by the Reeve, for best roleplay.




1. Healing: each time the Reeve calls "day" after night, all wounds are healed.

2. Trash pick up: instead of issuing coins or paper money, assign a monetary value to each piece of trash a player picks up in the park. (variation created by Baron Harkilar)


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