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Created on 2010-08-08 06:49:24       Modified 2010-08-08 10:56:36       Class Militia      
Lives Unlimited       Count touch base      
Reeves 1  


Setup Reeve will spend prep time coming up with enough anagrams for each estimated player.   


Once there was a great war between two kingdoms, and the Kings dared send their soldiers to fight in a sacred field.  When blood was first spilled on that ground,  it angered a mighty spirit who dwelt there.  The Spirit cast a terrible spell on all the soldiers that day, turning them into stone for 100 years.  Now they have revived, but each has a magic word that will turn them back to stone forever.  One team shall escape the curse and live again and the other will become stone.

1. Two teams, evenly matched, rush into battle. No one can die, but all must fight. The Reeve calls halt!

100 years pass

Reeve calls "lay on!"

Players revive and can now be killed.

2. Plants have grown around the living statues.  Each player must treat their legs as though held in earthbind.

3 .Each time a kill is made the dead player will announce "dead,"  Say what anagram they have and give their killer 50 count to solve it, in their head.

4. During the 50 count  both the killer, who must guess the anagram and the victim are out of play.  

5. Each time a killed player's anagram is guessed, they turn to stone by the magic word and are now shattered.  If the fifty count expires without guessing correctly, the dead player returns to base and calls alive.


Victory First team shattered is all turned to stone.  The other team is released from the curse of 100 years!   



1. no reeve, everyone comes up with their own anagram.


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