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Origin Zombiac    Entered by Zombiac   
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Created on 2010-08-12 19:48:22       Modified 2010-08-12 20:04:18       Class melee - non class      
Lives See rules       Count see rules      

Materials Flags with the names of cities on them, to match the number of players.  Two crowns.  1 very long rope or strip of cloth.   


Pick two monarchs, Kings or Queens.  These are team captains and they then pick teams.  Set a strip up to represent the border between two Kingdoms.

Explain the rules and allow each monarch thirty minutes to work out their strategy.



1. Each player represents an army, stationed in one city.  Each player will carry a single short sword and a shield (see variations)

2. monarchs have five points to spend on each player.  The each point will give each player either a life or a point of armor:

table 2.a:

lives     armor

1          4

2          3

3          2

4          1

5          0

3. Gameplay is turn based.  Every turn the monarch will pick a player and issue one of the following commands:

3.a-- Remain to defend your city.

3.b-- Mass on the border.

3.c-- Attack another city.

4. Monarchs lay on.  Players follow commands.  Players in action on any given turn may attack opponents at any time.  Turns end when:

4.a-- No one moves.  This is the case if both monarchs have chosen to have their armies defend their cities and not move.  In this case, the next turn will no longer include "defend" as an option for either monarch.  "defend" remains an option in subsequent turns.

4.b-- No one moves, troops are massed, but do not attack each other.  In this case, both teams may continue to mass armies on the border.  

4.c-- One player kills another.  This is the case if two players are in action and war breaks out.

4.d-- Any two players are killed.  This is the case if each monarch elects to attack an opposing city and the cities being attacked are defended.  If two players are sent to attack each other's cities and both cities are undefended, these two players must attack each other at the first opportunity.

4.e-- Any side has been killed.  This is the case if, after many armies mass on the border all begin to fight.  Surviving players remained massed on the border until given orders on the next turn.

5. At the end of each turn, players who are killed loose one life and return to their home cities, players who are injured retain wounds, and remain where they are.  Players who are able to occupy an undefended enemy city without fighting gain a life.  All points of armor are restored.  Monarchs then have 100 count to decide on their next move.

6. Play continues until one team is shattered and all cities on that side are undefended.  


Victory The Monarch who destroys his/her enemy's army divides the remaining troops (in theory-- if there's only one player left, they obviously can't be in two places at one time) to occupy the enemy's territory.  They have now conquered the other Kingdom and win!   



1. Any number of variations on weapons used may change the dynamics of the game.  In this variation, each player will be armed with the same arsenal of weapons.

2. Open weapon.  monarchs will have to think more carefully on how they distribute lives and armor.


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