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Origin Matthulhu - e-sam    Entered by Azus   
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Rules Before the start of a limited-life battle, the reeves write out on slips of paper three identifyiing attributes about each player, such as 'red tunic', 'bow-user', 'bard class', 'persona name starting with Q', 'leftie fighter', etc. (A little effort should be made to avoid ambiguity, although a clever reeve could phrase these as riddles or plays on words). These slips are mixed up and distributed to the players and then the game will start. Whenever a player makes a kill on a target he thinks fits the description of one of his slips of paper, he goes to see the reeves to confirm his target's identity, and shall win an extra life if deemed successful. Note that teammates can be slain for extra lives.:) If an atrribute slip accidentally matches more than one player, this is fine, but credit should still be given in good faith.   




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