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Rules each side chooses either warrior or barbarian. That side gets a number of 'Mook points' equal to the number of players on that team times the starting lives of the class (3•P for barbarian hordes, 5•P for castle soldiers).
When a player shatters out of the game, he can come back as a 1st level mook; either barbarian with 1 point of armor, or warrior with 2. Each 'mook' that enters play detracts from the mook pool; every player could have five lives as a mook warrior, or one really crappy player can have ALL of them, based on game flow.
Each barbarian mook still only gets 1 berserk, no matter how many lives they use (exception: a single player can receive multiple uses of the berserk enchantment).

Works out as the Mighty Heroes(TM) going down fighting, but the mainstay of the fighting force is still there, roaring for action. Aside from the armor (which I just added) I'm working on this to do an invading army themed reign.




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