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Origin Matthulhu - E-sam    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2011-04-17 16:09:46       Modified 2011-04-17 16:09:46       Class Class or Militia      
Lives 1 life       Count 10 second      

Materials Ditch battle equipment and a 20-ft radius circle designated by markers or lines, which is "The Barrel"   

Setup Everyone begins the game ringing the outside of the circle, with one player starting out "In the Barrel". It will be good to have a reeve on hand to keep on eye on the action and to keep track of which round the current victim is on.

The initial player must be the highest ranking participant present, going by the following order of precedence:

Current park Champion;
Current Captain of the Guard;
Current Weaponmaster;
Sword knight;
Most Orders of the Warrior;
Most credits in Warrior;
Most credits in any other nonmagic class;
Most time spent in game.

Any ties are broken by chronological age/birth date. For example: the current Champion and Weaponmaster are absent, there is no captain of the guard, and the park has no sword knight or warlord, but there are two players with 7 OOTWs participating (and no locals or visitors with more than 7), so the older player between them starts off In The Barrel.

Rules The player In The Barrel is stuck there until he/she can earn their way out by performing the following tasks, in order:

(round 1) Call out a single player to fight you one-on-one, and defeat them without being killed.
(round 2) Call out two other players to fight you as a two-man team, and defeat them both (you can be slain but it must be a simo)
(round 3) Call out a fourth player to fight you one-on-one, and defeat them without taking even a limb wound.

If the player In the Barrel fails to meet the requirements at a given round, he doesn't have to start over, but he does have to repeat that round, choosing a different opponent/s until they defeat them and survive (if necessary, he can alternate between players previously unfought). The player In the Barrel does not keep wounds between rounds, but cannot change his equipment during his turn (other than replacing broken items).

After the player In The Barrel completes his tasks, he then gets choose someone else to take his place. If possible, he must choose a player whom he did not fight that turn. It's now that player's turn In The Barrel.

In cases where the player In The Barrel "gets stuck" and cannot progress even after multiple tries (perhaps because of inadequate skill or poor choice of equipment), the reeve on hand can declare mercy and give him/her a free pass to the next round.   


Misc This is a fighting-practice scenario that is geared to giving more fighting opportunities to the less experienced players, since players may be expected to choose opponents they have a good chance of defeating.
Popular reference: ... the+barrel   


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