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Origin Roger - e-sam    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2011-09-24 22:23:49       Modified 2011-09-24 22:23:49       Class see rules      
Lives 1 life       Count 10 second      

Materials 1 bow.
1 arrow (you can have more but only need 1. others save on retrieval time)
1 sword (the "bat")
1 throwie (the "ball")
1 small shield (the "base")
1 honda accord (the "plate"... other car with trunk can   

Setup It went like this. Open the trunk of the car. This is the goal.
The "pitcher" sets up a decent distance away from it, enough that he can reasonably throw the throwie it into the trunk. He gets the throwie.
The "batter" sets up in front of the trunk. one side or the other or in front, it doesn't matter. He gets the sword.
The "fielder" sets up past the pitcher, no closer than the base. He gets the bow, and an arrow.

Rules So, the pitcher throws the throwie. He is trying to get it into the trunk. If he does, it is a strike. 3 strikes, and the batter is out and your rotate positions (pitcher becomes batter, batter becomes fielder, fielder becomes pitcher).
If the pitcher hits the batter directly he is injured or killed as normal. If killed, he is out (and you rotate). If injured the batter can attempt to keep going.
If the batter makes contact with the throwie, he then runs to the base, and then attempts to run back to the trunk. If he can do this, he scores 1 run. While this is happening, the pitcher and fielder attempt to track down the throwie. Either can get it. If they have it they can attempt to throw it to hit the batter (now runner). Injuries as normal. You can be injured and then killed on the same play. The pitcher and fielder can throw the throwie to each other. The batter does not discard the sword, he takes it with him and this can be used to parry the throwie or kill the pitcher or fielder. The batter does not need to stick to the path to the base if he feels it is in his interest to kill them first.

Oh, and the bow. The archer can take one shot at the batter while he is running as long as either he or the pitcher has the throwie (stepping on it with foot is enough to take a shot).

when the batter reaches the base he can pick it up and use it as a shield for the way home if he desires (but this is not required, all he has to do is touch it). If the batter scores, he bats again, and continues until he gets out.

Just keep going, tallying the runs. I guess you could play until each person has batted 9 times.   




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