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Origin O'Cianain    Entered by O'Cianain   
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Created on 2012-08-09 02:17:07       Modified 2012-08-13 17:42:28       Class Full Class      
Lives Normal Lives       Count No count      
Reeves 3  


People: Two Even Teams, 2-4 Demons, Wise Woman (Gypsy), and Priest (Cultist).

Materials: 2 Dice, 2 Columns, Crystal Ball (Roleplay suggestion), A LOT of Fake Money (Gold, Silver, etc.) and a fake Gargoyl  


Plot: It is a bloody battle between two kingdoms. Many die on the field of battle, but where do they go? They go to Nirvana, A.K.A The Afterlife, but what does it take to make them alive again? They journey through the Afterlife, just to get back to the mortal world! So the game is a basic shatter battle, mixed with a sort of caravan game.

Setup: You will need two medium-large sized areas. One for the Battlefield, the other for the actual Afterlife realm. For your Battlefield, you will have the two teams face off in a shatter battle. Then you will need a park table next to, but away from Battlefield, this will be the Temple. Next you will need another big sized area, probably the same size as the Battlefield, but a bit smaller. That will be the Afterlife. Make sure the Afterlife area has a little dirt road connecting to the Battlefield, and encircling around it. The road connecting from the Afterlife, to the Battlefield will be the River Styx, and the road encircling around the Afterlife will be your caravan road. There will be four destination, all of which cannot be attacked within 20 ft. Make sure that these destinations have an even radius apart from each other, in other words, spread out the destinations, but make sure they are ON THE ROAD! The first destination will be the Wise Woman. For the Wise Woman, have a blanket laid out for her, and her customer to sit on. The next destination is The Brig of Dread. To make this Brig of Dread, have a 10ft rectangle drawn on the road, with a column in the middle of the Brig, and dice on the column. Also to let it be a reminder to those who cross it, have a piece of paper taped on the column saying in parchment font, "Roll the Dice of Judgement, and see to thou's Placement! If you roll an even number, cross the Brig. If you roll an odd number though, you'll drop into the depths of Hell!" And then finally, there is the Goddess. Have a column on the side of the road with a column and dice on it. Also tape another piece of paper on it in parchment font, "I am the goddess, welcome to thy realm. Roll an even number and you can live again without your lost life given. Roll an odd number, and you can live again, with your lost life given back to you." That covers the Road destinations, but what about Hell itself? In the middle of the Afterlife area, that will be Hell. 



Two teams will be made up. Each team member has 20 Gold in their pockets. The teams will fight each other in a shatter battle. When one dies, they must be taken to the Priest. The Priest then performs a ritual in the Temple to send the spirit to the Afterlife. You must also pay the priest 5 gold to sail across the River Styx. When you are sent to the afterlife, and you paid the Priest to cross the River Styx, walk the River, claiming you are sailing on a boat and to the crossroads of the Afterlife. (A actual boat is suggested.) After the spirit is dropped off on the road, the spirit must walk all over the Afterlife, to the Brig of Dread. Along the way, the spirit can visit The Wise Woman, who will be able to let the spirit communicate with the living, but only for 5 Gold. The spirit must beware of Demons. If the spirit kills a demon, the spirit gets 5 Gold each, however if the demons kills the spirit, they will drag him/her to Hell. Then they have to cross the Brig of Dread. A column with a dice will be waiting for them in the middle of the bridge. If they land on an odd number, the spirit falls into Hell, but if they get an even number, the spirit continues crossing, and reach to the Goddess's Realm. There, the final test shall be made. A column will be there with another dice to roll once again. If the spirit rolls an odd number, then they can reincarnate. When they reincarnate, they get one of their lost life's back, and is considered alive. If the spirit rolls an even number, they become alive without getting a lost life back.

  1. The Following are considered those who cannot be killed: The Wise Woman, and The Priest

  2. When the Priest sends the spirit off, he must recite this spell:

    “Let thou's spirit flow to safety.” x5

  3. Everyone must stay away 20ft from the Temple, and in the Afterlife, they must stay 20ft away from the Wise Woman, the Brig of Dread, the River Styx, and the Goddess's Realm.

  4. Everyone of the living must pretend they can't see the Afterlife.

  5. If you see someone on an opposite team within the Afterlife, you can't attack, nor kill them, but only kill the demons. Even if you have weapons, or spells, you can not attack each other.

  6. If you wish to bring weapons or spells with you to the Afterlife, you have to pay 1 gold per spell and weapon, but only when you died, and/or before the preacher casts his spell to send you to the Afterlife.

  7. In the Afterlife, a spirit is not allowed to get off the road and cross into the middle of the field, or away from the Afterlife. The spirit must STAY ON THE ROAD AT ALL TIMES. Demon's however are allowed to get off the road and cross into the middle of the field, but nowhere near the Battlefield or the River Styx.

  8. No stealing coins from dead people!

  9. To communicate with the dead or living, you must pay 5 Gold. If you are living, pay the Priest to communicate with the dead. And If you are dead, pay the Wise Woman to have you communicate with the living. If you are a living and you payed, you go to the Wise Woman, considered that you cannot be injured. If you are a spirit and you payed, you go to the Temple, considered that you cannot be injured.


Victory The Team with the most lives left wins.



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