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Materials Ten cones, five of one color, five of a different color   


Establish one base/respawn location for each team. These locations should be about 200 feet apart.

Pair the cones up, one of each color. Place one pair of cones in the middle of the field, one cone right next to the other. 

The other pairs of cones go in a large square. One pair should be about 50 feet straight ahead from the first team's base (and thus 150 feet from the opposing team's base) and set about 50 feet off to the left. The second pair should be about 50 feet straight ahead from the first team's base (and thus 150 feet from the opposing team's base) and set about 50 feet off to the right. Repeat this with the other two pairs of cones on the other side.

If you're having trouble visualizing this, picture (or google) an ice hockey rink. The two nets are the respawn points, and the five big circles  are the five pairs of cones.



Players capture a point by touching one of the cones at that point and counting to 20. Players may move and fight while counting. Count is, as with all games, synonymous with seconds. Players must count aloud so other players can hear them. If a player ceases contact with the cone at any point before completing his count, the count is interrupted and must be restarted. Only one player may count at each cone at a time. Counts may not be "transferred" between players; any player counting at a cone must begin at one. When a player completes his count, the cone is captured. The player places his team's color cone on top of the other cone, showing that the point is captured. If a player is killed after successfully completing the count but before placing his team's cone on top, the point is still captured and the now-dead player may still place his team's color cone on top.

Dead players return to their respawn location and immediately come alive and resume play. Live players, such as archers, may not remain within ten feet of the respawn location.


Victory The game is played for a set period of time, usually 30 or 45 minutes. The winner is whichever team controls the most of the five points when time is up. A "sudden death" victory condition is achieved immediately if any team manages to control all five points at once.   

Misc A key aspect of this battlegame is that it breaks a large battle up into several smaller battles, It also grants key roles to people who are not great fighters. Capturing points is the main objective, and someone who keeps their eye out for capturing unattended control points or who keeps the other team hopping continually chasing them off of control points they already own can have as large an impact as a fighter who just endlessly mows down opponents.   


With teams larger than about 15 per side, a sixth capture point may be added. As teams grow larger beyond that, simply spacing the capture points further apart scales the game well. This game has been played successfully with teams of about 60 per side, using six capture points, in an area roughly the size of three basketball courts.

This game can also be played as a militia or ditch rules game. It also works excellently at Belegarth or Dagorhir.

This game can also be played asymmetrically. In this variant, one team has unlimited lives but can not capture control points. Their objective is to prevent the other team from capturing points. The other team has a life pool, usually totaling about five lives per player, and can capture points. Their objective is to capture as many points as they can before they run out of lives. Teams then switch sides and roles. The team that captures the most points during their "capture" turn wins.


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