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Created on 2014-02-14 18:34:54       Modified 2014-02-14 18:35:31       Class no class      
Lives 1 life       Count 10 second      
Reeves 2, on the sidelines  

Materials Rope and stakes (optional)
List of Names (required)
Randomness of the Reeve (Not a physical asset)

Setup If you have a heavily forested area to set up in, set up there.

If you have a wide open space, you can and should create one or two "buildings" with rope and stakes.
The rope represents the walls of the building.

After this is done and you are sure your playing area is established (remember, the more people you have, the more area you should establish.), you can now begin.

Rules Step 1: A single Reeve will whisper into each individual's ear what his/her target is.
            A single target can be targeted by two people, but no one person may have multiple targets

Step 2: Once each 'bounty hunter' has been briefed on their target. All players form a large circle around the perimeter of the playing area, as far away from each other as possible.

Step 3: Once each player is ready, the Reeve may begin the game by calling 'play on'.

Step 4: Players may carry out their kill with any of the listed weapons below

             Short, Long, Dagger, Bow n arrow, javelin, Light Thrown, Quarterstaff(Bo-staff), Madu, S&B.

To carry out a kill follow of the regular rules of a ditch battle, but a player may not attack or make contact with a non-target or he/she is out on the spot.

Step 5: After all players left standing have finished their targets, the selected Reeve will gather them together and repeat the above process until there are three or two people left standing.

Other Rules: No Magic verbals or balls allowed, no enchantments allowed, and all armor whether worn or not is nullified. It is a down to earth bounty hunt. May not be played with class abilities. A Targeted player may only strike back at his attacker after the attacker has made a move on him (Swung at him, fired at him, called him out, etc...)


Victory If there are three final contestants: Stage a branched tournament to decide the greatest Bounty Hunter.

If there are two final contestants: Stage a duel to decide the same.

And there you have it, the last one standing is the Greatest Bounty Hunter!

Misc Note:  Remember that the more players you have the more fun it is for the players, but this also lengthens the time necessary to list and assign targets to each player.    


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