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Origin Boken Senshi    Entered by Boken Senshi   
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Created on 2014-02-16 02:06:05       Modified 2014-02-16 02:06:48       Class Full Class      
Lives 10 lives       Count 10 second      
Reeves 3, one for each team.  

Materials Three Magic Balls.

Three Makeshift Pedestals

Lots of easily identifiable rope.

Setup Start by using the rope to create three different "buildings".
Next place the pedestals in the desired location of each building, one building per pedestal.
Now take the three magic balls and proceed to mark them with a different rune or color.
Now mark the pedestals with the corresponding runes or pedestals.

Take your group (remember that there must be an even number above 6) and proceed to divide the group into three teams. To begin a Reeve may randomly choose 3 team captains, these team captains can then take turns picking their teammate one at a time. Once teams have been decided moved all of them an equal distance from their pedestal, and a reasonable distance away from the opposing teams.

Rules To begin the game, say "lay on".

Each team must attempt to place their ball or 'sphere' onto the corresponding pedestal and hold it on that pedestal for a 100 count. It is the team's Reeve's duty to keep track of the count. If the sphere is removed from the pedestal by an opposing team member, the count is reset the next time the sphere is placed.

If a player loses all ten lives he is shattered. If a shattered player is resurrected by a monk or other class that is capable of resurrection, that player re-enters the game with one life. After being resurrected once the player will be permanently shattered next time he/she dies.

Teams can carry and manipulate their corresponding sphere but may only make contact with an opposing team's sphere by striking it with a melee weapon.


Victory The first team to successfully hold their sphere on the pedestal for a 100 count wins. If all the players of a team are shattered and their sphere is still on the pedestal, that team can still win if it stays for 100 count.   

Misc Make sure the spheres are easily noticeable and easily matched with the pedestals. You shouldn't have to put on reading glasses just to find the right sphere.   


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