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Origin Black Clover    Entered by Vinderex   
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Created on 2014-08-25 00:39:25       Modified 2014-08-25 00:41:36       Class Militia      
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Reeves 1 to play as Charon  

Materials Plastic coins, or anything else to represent currency.  Approximately 10 per person.   

Setup All players start with a number of coins,  and spread out freely over the battlefield.   


The reeve will play the role of Charon, and will wander the battlefield.   This is a free-for-all battle,  every man for himself,  though players may form alliances if they so desire.   When a person dies,  the person who killed them may loot a single coin from them.  (note that combat does not stop while looting, so the players must take care not to be attacked while looting).  Once dead, in order to come alive again, players must wait for Charon to come to them, and pay a price of 2 coins for a resurrection.  Broken armor and equipment may also be restored for an extra 1 coin (for a total of 3).   If a dead player has only 1 coin remaining, they are still able to be resurrected by Charon, but will become Fragile.  A player is shattered when they die with no coins remaining.

To prevent spawn camping, Charon may "row" his oar at living players,  forcing them to move back 50 feet.


Victory The last player surviving wins.  Or if time is called with more than one player remaining, the one carrying the most coins wins.   



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