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Origin ominous valley    Entered by kalemminion   
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Created on 2014-10-14 14:10:03       Modified 2014-10-14 14:10:03       Class Class or Militia      
Lives 1 life       Count 10 second      
Reeves none  

Materials basic game gear swords, shields, armor, spell balls, strips, garb and the like  


split the teams into two groups Team A, Team B and Team C. Team A is the team of champions Team B is the team of soldiers and Team C is the team of peasants you do not have to use all the teams if you are limited on numbers or for any other reason that the three teams are a problem and are fixed by having only two these teams will then battle as standard in the parks tradition



CHAMPIONS: for every one champion put two soldiers and four peasants into there respective teams champions may play as any standard class excluding paladin, anti-paladin, color, reeve, monster, or peasant. A champions armor is converted to natural but is affected by abilities as if it was worn armor

SOLDIERS: for every two soldiers put four peasants and 1 champion into there respective teams soldiers may use a dagger, short, long or a bow as a weapon and may use upto a medium shield also they start with a single point of natural armor and may wear a single point of worn armor. The point of natural armor is considered worn armor by the effects of abilities

PEASANTS: for every fou peasants put two soldiers and one champion into there respective teams soldiers may use a short sword as a weapon and may not use a shield and may not wear any armor


Victory same as standard  



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