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Lives 5 lives       Count touch base      


A number of spells balls,  fewer than the number of players,  but more than half the number of players. (preferably iceballs, but if necessary others could be used, they will all have the same effect.)


Setup Designate a respawn point.  More than one may be used in a large group.
The iceballs will placed in a pile in the center of the field, and the players will spread out in a circle around it.


Players may use a single weapon up to a longsword,  and have the following abilities:

  • Shatter, Unlimited
  • Enlightened Soul (T)
  • Shake It Off, Unlimited (Will be assumed to always activate when needed,  no incant required. Will make all frozen effects last only 10 seconds regardless of source.)
  • 4 pts Natural Armor  (Feel free to adjust to suit your tastes.)

In addition,  players may pick up and use iceballs with no incantation, but may only carry one iceball at a time.  If killed with a melee weapon, players will become frozen instead of dieing normally.

When lay on is called,  there will be a 10 second no-attacking period during which the players will rush to collect iceballs and then spread out again, and then the battle will commence.  This is a free-for-all battle.  Players cannot be killed by normal means, and are only killable by casting Shatter at Touch range (hence the Enlightened Soul) while frozen .  The easiest way is of course to use the iceballs, though melee combat could be used in a pinch.

On death, players return to the designated respawn point, and immediately respawn.


Victory Last person alive is the victor.   

Misc Note that natural armor only returns after a respawn.  It does not return after a frozen state due to melee combat wears off.  Once gone, the player will continue to be vulnerable to melee attacks for the remainder of that life.


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