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Victory This practice game is used to allow competitive practice among fighters of widely different abilities. For those who like
competition even in practice it is pretty fun.

The game is basically a normal hold the field ditch battle style where fighters go after each or one on one until one of them wins and then the looser leaves the field while the next player in line fights the winner. (with two players obviously they just keep fighting each other. Scoring for this variant works as follows. Each player has a starting score equal to the number of Orders of the Warrior that he or she has earned. Players with Zero Orders of the Warrior start with one point. Optionally all players with ten or more Orders may start with only 10 points. Each time a player wins a duel he or she looses a point. The first player to get to zero wins the round. All players go back to their starting number of lives and begin a new round if desired. It is recommended that if you plan to play multiple rounds, each time a player wins a round that he or she adds one point to his or her starting score each round for the rest of the play session. This helps deal with the problem of fighters who have on yet received Warriors commensurate with their abilities.




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