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Created on 2015-08-17 00:16:18       Modified 2016-03-16 01:54:19       Class Full Class      
Lives 5 lives       Count see rules      
Reeves One to act as item spawner  


Rope to mark the border of an arena

Weapons and throwies/spellballs. Some normal, and some to represent special items (the editor was acting weird as I was trying to list special items here, so see rules for them)



Mark off an area large enough to accommodate your number of players, but not too big.  75x75 ft works well for 4 players

Reeve stands outside of the arena with the pile of items/extra weapons and spellballs nearby.

Players spread out in arena



This games is based off of the popular video game Super Smash Bros. 

Instead of being wounded/killed normally, attacks will have a shove effect of varying strengths.   An attack that would normally cause a wound will instead force the target back 20ft. (shall be referred to as a Light Blow from here on),  while an attack that would normally kill will force you back 50 feet (shall be referred to as a Strong Blow from here on).  This applies to ALL offensive actions, including magics.  For example, Call Lightning would kill the target, and so the target instead takes a Strong Blow

If armor is present, then a shot to an armored location will damage the armor normally. A blocked Strong Blow will become a Light Blow,  and a blocked Light Blow will have no shove effect, but the shot-in-motion when struck will be nullified.

This is a fast paced game, so the effect times of magics, both ball and verbal will be reduced to 10 seconds.  This also applies to willingly entered states such as Shadow Step and Stoneform.  Stun effects are also broken upon being attacked.

If you are forced outside of the arena boundary, you may attempt to get back in with two standing jumps.  Failure to return to the arena results in a death.  Return any game item you are carrying to the reeve and then re-enter the arena and respawn immediately.

Lives are 5 each,  but feel free to adjust for a desired game length.

Every couple minutes, the reeve will toss a random weapon/item/spellball into the arena.  These may be picked up and used by anyone regardless of class, and spellballs do not require an incant to throw.  However only one of such items may be carried at a time,  and the item is lost on death and must be returned to the reeve before respawning.

Special items are as follows:

  • Stun bomb:  Causes a 10 seconds stun to target when picked up and thrown.  When spawned, the reeve will silently count down from 10 seconds,  at 0 the reeve will shout "Pop!", and all players within 10 feet of the stun bomb will be stunned for 10 seconds.  This is a one-use item and should be immediately removed from the field after being thrown or detonated.
  • Bomb:  Strong Blow, and all armor locations are affected by Armor Destroying when picked up and thrown.  When spawned, the reeve will loudly count down from 10 seconds,  and at 0 shout "Boom!",  all players within 10 feet of the bomb will take a Strong Blow and all armor locations will be affected by Armor Destroying. This is a one-use item and should be immediately removed from the field after being thrown or detonated.  Note that this is a very powerful item, and so it should be relatively rare.
  • Vorpal Sword:  All hits scored with the Vorpal Sword are Strong Blows regardless of armor or hit location.  Any armor struck is affected by Armor Breaking.
  • Giant's Club:  User gains unlimited uses of "Home-Run Attack".  To use it, loudly and clearly state "Home-Run Attack" (NO SPEED RECITING), and then attack.  Any contact with the home-run attack including weapon to weapon, or weapon to shield is an instant ring-out/kill, only stoppable by the Unbreakable Shield.  Note that the attack is nullified if the user takes any hit or blocks a shot before completing it.   Reeves are also encouraged to nullify the attack if the user recites too quickly.
  • Unbreakable Shield:  Able to block anything, and is indestructible.  A small shield is recommended, as anything larger could easily become overpowered.

Victory Defeat your enemies by forcing them out of the arena.  Last person alive wins!   

Misc Judging distances in the heat of being attacked can often be difficult, so instead of counting shove distances in feet, it may be easier to count it in steps: 7 medium-large steps back from a Light Blow,  16 medium-large steps back from a Strong Blow.


Small arena:  Reduce the power of Light Blows and Strong Blows to 10ft. and 20 ft. respectively.   The Shove and Throw spells should also be weakened the same way to not become overpowered.

Butterfingers:  Special items must be dropped when their user takes a Strong Blow.


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