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Origin Burning skies levi    Entered by levi   
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Created on 2015-12-28 21:34:21       Modified 2016-07-01 07:47:45       Class Full Class      
Lives Full reset each point       Count 10 second      
Reeves 1  

Materials The only materials you need will be whatever it takes to make a 6 foot by 6 foot throne room ex(rope and tent stakes) approximately 25 yards apart and anything you can use as a respawn object ex. (Bucket, tree,chair )exactly 10 to 15 feet behind ea  

Setup The setup is two throne rooms exactly 25 yards apart. With a respawn about 10 to 15 ft behind each throne room.  If you started walking from one respawn point to the other.  You should be able to walk a straight line over both throne rooms to get there. Easy set up.     

Rules No limit on respawn each team respawns behind their own throne room. Respawn 10 seconds. Object is to get one person and one person only inside the enemy throne room for 30 seconds without leaving  throne room or getting killed inside of it. If the capturing person steps out of the throne room count starts over if they are killed count starts over and they must go to respawn point and try again or allow somebody else on thier team to try. Note, only one person may capture at a time. While that one person is trying to capture, they are fragile and suppressed, reduced to peasant,and all protective enchantments  and armor removed.  Absolutely  NO exceptions.  This game is made to simulate a capture objective while there is a continuous onslaught of enemy combatants. Each time a team scores a point their team receives a refresh.   

Victory Victory conditions are the most points scored by one team or one team can surrender. The reeve can also decide to end the game after points are scored and declare winning team.    

Misc This game has already had one outstanding play test   

Variations A reeve can raise and lower the capture time according to gameplay. But capture time must always be at least twice the amount of respawn time which  always stays at 10 seconds to at least simulate continuous enemy assault during capture objective.  

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