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Origin Burning skies    Entered by levi   
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Created on 2016-12-28 08:01:47       Modified 2016-12-28 08:01:47       Class 111      
Lives 1 life       Count No count      
Reeves As many as necessary   

Materials Rope  

Setup Use the rope to set up the hot Gates simulating  mountains on each side and behind make a big or small enough so that Fighters inside have room to maneuver depending on number of Spartan players  

Rules The Persian team must outnumber the Spartan team by at least one and the number of minutes the Persians have to eliminate the Spartan team is the number of Spartans + 2. The number of lives that each Spartan team member has is the number of Persians + 2. The Spartans if killed must respawn immediately and may enter the hot Gates on any of the designated mountainsides the Persians may only attack through the opening of the hot Gates and have unlimited lives however their respawn Point must be at least 30 feet away from the entrance to the hot Gates. Projectile weapons may not pass through the Mountainside  

Victory The Persians win if they manage to deplete each Spartan players individual life pools by the end of the time. allotted. The Spartans win if they even have one live team player at the end of the time  


Variations For extremely big group the referee can choose to decrease time and lives or increase time and lives depending on the number of people so as to keep the game from dragging out  

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