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Created on 2010-02-07 14:29:49       Modified 2010-02-07 14:29:49       Class Militia      
Lives 1 life       Count see rules      

Materials 2 crowns, sashes (2 year):yellow, grey. red   

Setup The "board" or playing field is a square 80 feet on a side (for smaller teams a square of 40 feet on a side may be used). The two teams begin each round with the "pawns" in front in a straight line, and everyone else behind them in the appropriate order: Rook, Knight, Bishop, royalty, Bishop, Knight, Rook. The "white" or "light" Queen stands to the "light" King's left, and the "black" or "dark" Queen stands to the "dark" King's right.    

Rules Battle Chess is a timed game, with 5 rounds of 60 count each. "Checkmating" the opposing king (see below) scores one point and ends the current round (there is no scoring of multiple points per round as in jugging). After a checkmate, a new round begins and the two teams change directions. Best of 5 rounds wins, unless the score is tied at the end by means of one or more stalemates; in such cases, a "sudden death" round is played where the first team to simply kill the enemy king once, wins the game.  

Each player has one life per round, except for the kings which have an infinite number. When anyone (except a king) is killed, they are removed from the board. Healing a wound is done the same way as in jugging. When a king is killed, he is not removed from the board. Instead, he remains where he died and returns to life after 5 stones. Any enemy player may "check" a king by pinning him (as in jugging, all pinning rules apply) to prevent him from returning to life. To "checkmate" a king, at least two enemy players** must "check" the king simultaneously for a total of 7 stones. If only pawns are putting the king in "check", there must be 3 of them pinning him. If, at any time, there are not enough players on either side to deliver checkmate, the round is considered a stalemate, and the side with the most number of players (including the kings) scores 1/2 point. If the two sides have an equal number of players, then no points are scored. There aren't enough players on a team to deliver checkmate whenever both sides have less than 2 pawns, and have no other pieces besides the kings. (Two pawns can always get promoted, and change into knights, bishops, rooks, or queens, of which only two are needed to checkmate.)    




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