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Origin Matthulhu - esam    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-02-07 23:40:06       Modified 2010-03-16 00:58:13       Class no class      
Lives See rules       Count 10 second      


Setup Use the safety cones to fence in a large square or rectangular 'arena', leaving about 10 feet between adjacent cones. Lay down the lengths of rope in a random pattern within the arena to form walls. Don't completely enclose any areas, but it's okay if you arrange these rope-walls to form T-shapes, X-shapes, right angles, alleyways, and three-sided bunkers. Walls need not be perfectly straight; leaving a gentle curve is fine (and the walls won't stay straight forever!) It is not necessary to put down walls along the boundaries.

Each safety cone represents a base. Every player starts the game at one of these bases.   

Rules This is a free-for-all scenario. Everyone has 5 lives.

The ropes on the ground represent Forcewalls and block all movement and attacks. Projectile attacks that cross a Forcewall at any point along their path are cancelled out. Walls may not be moved during the game, except to fix one that has been kicked or dragged out of position.

Combat is not limited to inside the arena, but players must drop to their knees while outside the arena (such as for retrieving projectiles or evading projectile attack).

Players who are killed must go to any base of their choice and loudly count down from 10, then may return to life.

Broken items may be replaced at any corner base for a 10 count.   

Victory The last player standing wins.   


Variations Healing Circle

  • Place a 3-ft circle of white or red rope in the center of the arena. This is a healing circle.
  • Attacks may not occur across this circle but it's okay to move through it yourself.
  • To heal a wound, a player must repeat "Heal 1, Heal 2, Heal 3..." through "Heal 10" while sitting or kneeling inside the healing circle with both hands empty.
  • Broken items can be mended at the healing circle.


  • One or more reeve's pages are assigned to the area outside the arena. They are allowed to 'return' any projectiles that fall ouside the arena. Players struck by these 'returning' projectiles take damage as normal, but being killed by a sniper does not count as a life lost. Snipers may not be attacked.

Team Arena

  • The members of a multi-player team fight as a unit. They begin the game at a single base. No player can return to life until every member of their team is also killed. They then return to life at the same time at a single base.

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