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Divide the populace in two teams, the team Captain and every third "pick" is a Cavalryman.

Object: This is the next step of the Dwarf Battle. Instead of all players fighting from their knees, only two-thirds of the players on each team must kneel. These represent Infantry. Those who remain standing are considered Cavalry, and are considered to be riding a "horse". Cavalry take twice the normal leg wounds (not armor value!) before dropping to their knees (considered thrown from their steed). In other words, a Cavalry must be hit twice on one unprotected leg in order to be damaged. There are two ways of dealing with the horses and Cavalry, which needs to be decided before the game begins:


1. Horses may not die: The person who slays a Cavalry may claim the horse and their own and may stand up. If one cavalry slays another, the victor may chose who to give the horse to. This keeps the action moving, but can get confusing with lots of players.

2. Horses may die: When a Cavalry suffers a leg wound, the horse is considered slain and the Cavalry then fights as an Infantry. This mean eventually all players will be fighting from their knees. When this happens, all kneeling players may stand and the fight may continue until one side is victorious.






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