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Origin Book of Engoku    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-03-23 23:50:57       Modified 2010-07-20 22:09:17       Class Full Class      
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Materials material to mark out circles. Garb for the dogs helps. Notepads and pencils to keep track of  

Setup In a large field, two concentric circles are set up. The inner circle is about 20' in diameter, the outer circle, about 35' in diameter. All the players are divided in half. One half becomes the dogs, and is unceremoniously released into the outer circle, where they must stay. The other half is divided into two teams. The two teams line up on opposite sides of the inner circle.  

Rules The first person in line for each team enters the outer circle with a bow and three arrows and unlimited uses of the ability Gallop, and with 'lay on', begins to fire into the dogs. They may move about the outer ring however they like. Hits are scored by location (leg: 1pt, arm: 2pts, torso: 2pts, any killing shot: +1pt). Reeves must keep track of points for each team, but it's the responsibility of the dogs to call hits and locations. When the player is killed or out of arrows, he returns to his team, to the back of the line, and the next teammate in line takes their turn with the bow, three arrows, and Gallup (unlimited). The dogs may do whatever they wish, so long as their feet do not go outside of the outer ring. Dogs are armed with two daggers, and have four lives. Play continues until all the dogs are dead.  



This game will have people shooting each other at close range. Make sure the arrows are in good shape, your archers only half draw, and your bows aren't too strong (a 35# bow half drawn at 20 feet still hurts!)

Also known as Inuoumono, it is a sport practiced by nobles and the wealthy. Despite the fact that PETA would have a heart attack if they knew we were glorifying this nasty sport, it had to be included in this work, since it is the first time in history a game was developed using boffer-arrows. Our version here harkens back to the origins of the sport, though, before the PC police made the nobles stop killing dogs for fun, and instead use padded arrows.



1.Use throwies instead of bows.

2.Sure, shooting at helpless dogs is fun, but to REALLY kick things up a notch, use beasts that can bite back-creatures with a range attack, or reach weapons. Armor is good, too.

3.For a tournament game, score by individual instead of by team.


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