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Origin Book of Engoku    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-02 14:19:48       Modified 2010-04-02 14:19:48       Class Militia      
Lives Unlimited       Count 10 second      


Nerf-type football or other non-spherical padded ball

Ttwo shields, hoops, or small rope circles for goals.



Setup Mark out a rectangular field. Divide the players into two equal teams, but best if played with less than ten players per team. Teams start at their base, 10' behind their goal, and the ball in the middle. I set it up this way to avoid injuries that might occur if everyone starts near the ball and too many people try to kick it at once.   

Rules Amtgard soccer! Put ball in the goal. If using hoops, you can insist that the ball stop in the goal for a point - going in and bouncing out doesn't count. Caveat: Cannot touch or carry ball with hands or arms, may strike with swords, kick, etc. Game goes for four points. When killed, move to the sideline behind your goal and come back in a 10 count. If a player is hit with the ball, it counts as a 1 point hit.   



Variations Class battle. In this variation, make all spells last 10 seconds, the same as the death count. Life count still doesn't matter.
Decide if per game spells/skills reset per point or never.   

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