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Lives 1 life       Count No count      


Setup One player is chosen to be IT, who stands still for a 100 count while the remainder of the populace attempts to put distance between themselves and IT.   

Rules  One of the oldest games known to man, Tag and all it's variants (Hide-and-Seek, Statues, etc.) adapts well to Amtgard battlegames. Its purpose is to capture, subdue, slay, or otherwise render immobile as many of the populace as possible. The populace, in turn, must elude IT for as long as possible. The last person caught during any round is IT for the next game. If the players elude IT for an entire game, then IT may choose a replacement. Play continues until (select one or more goals):
1.A set number of populace has been caught.
2.The populace eludes IT for a 1000 count (about 15 minutes).
3.A "base" may be declared before the game. Base is usually the location where IT began the game. If all the populace can return to Base without being caught, then the game ends.    



To help speed along play, and make the odds a little more fair, IT may point at any player within 20' and say "(Target's name or class) Stand and fight" x2. The target must then stop and do battle with IT, though Honor Duels are forbidden in this game.   

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