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Created on 2010-04-02 17:02:22       Modified 2010-04-02 17:02:22       Class Militia      
Lives 5 lives (militia)       Count Normal count      

Materials Table legs (legal sword under 30" with brown cover); steak knives (melee ); pots and pans (foam constructs only); plates, bottles, cups and mugs (safe foam throwing weapons); meat cleavers (flat blade melee daggers); rolling pins (legal sword u  

Setup  Mark off the area to serve as the tavern with ribbon. Allow plenty of room for moving and fighting. Normal weaponry is not permitted inside the Tavern. All items carried into the Tavern Brawl must look like Tavern Items. No weapons permitted longer than 36" unless approved by the reeve. Armor and shields are not permitted. Throwing weapons are permitted, so long as they meet the above criteria. Bows and siege weapons are not allowed (well, maybe a huge Keg thrown by three people!)   



Misc To have fun using non-traditional Amtgard weapons. This is also a wonderful creative outlet. Just tell the populace to come up with non-weapons and give them a couple of weeks. You will be amazed at the interesting items they invent.


Variations Use full class rules, but limit all players to first level. Same restrictions apply for weapons, though armor may be allowed.


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