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Created on 2010-04-02 17:04:32       Modified 2010-04-02 17:12:32       Class Militia      
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Setup Two teams are lined up facing each other, as with a regular ditch battle. The third team assembles in a large circle surrounding both battle lines (minimum of 20 feet from any of the two center teams). If the number of participants does not evenly divide by three, the third team should be short.    

Rules When lay on is called, it's ditch battle rules as normal, except that the first-dead rule operates as if the third team did not exist (first dead of winning team in the center goes to the other side). The third team never loses a first dead, even if they win the pass.
After three passes, whichever's the smaller team in the center switches roles with the third team, and takes over the outside circle, with the outside team going into the center. (If the center teams happen to be even on that pass, then whichever team loses a player next will go to the outside).
New players who join the three-way ditch after it's started always start on the outside team.
Any backstabbing that goes on (especially on the part of the outside team) is meant as a teaching tool to encourage battlefield awareness.    




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